The Qualities of Cooking

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We spend much time growing food, prepping food, serving food and enjoying food.

Many business transactions, celebrations, discussions, and other life events — from simple to complex — center around food.

Of them all, none is better than the family table.

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A teenage chef, a planetary geologist and a wordnik walk into TEDYouth: A look at the speaker lineup

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TEDYouth is a free event just for middle and high school students. This year, it takes place on Saturday, November 15, at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City, where more than a dozen speakers will explore “Worlds Imagined,” sharing big ideas and inspiring insights on topics that range from science to design, food to technology, entertainment to education.

Check out the full TEDYouth 2014 speaker lineup »

Students in New York City, apply to attend. Applications close on October 12 at 11:59pm ET »

Below, just a few of the speakers you’ll get to see.

Chef Flynn McGarry, just 15-years-old, supervises plating at EUREKA, his monthly supper club that now has a cult following. Chef Flynn McGarry (center) is 15 years old. He supervises plating at EUREKA, a monthly supper club that now has a cult following. Photo:

Ecologist Eric Sanderson carefully re-envisioned what New York looked like in 1609, when it was called Mannahatta, "Island of many hills," by Native Americans. Now, he has launched the Welikia Project, to do the same for New York City’s other four boroughs. Ecologist Eric Sanderson carefully re-envisioned what New York looked like in 1609, when it was known as Mannahatta, “Island of many hills.” Now, he has launched the Welikia Project, to do the same for New York…

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In defense of Robin Williams: Suicide wasn’t his choice

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When I got the news yesterday–Robin Williams killed himself–I first thought of that crazy Mrs. Doubtfire. After all, I grew up with her and in that role he made me laugh like none other. Then my thoughts moved to his family–a funeral being hastily put together–and a bright light snuffed out.

And then, randomly, I thought of the moment in my life when I was most scared. And I promise it has a point.

williams AP

It was two years ago, and I was on my honeymoon. I was harnessed up tightly, gripping a climbing rope, dangling just above twenty feet up against a red rock face in Utah. My hands were clenched so tightly that the rope dug into my palms, and I trembled so much that I literally could not get my feet to move.

I’m deathly afraid of heights. The tour guide, one of his kids, and even…

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Turning Sexual Temptation Into A Blessing

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dear god

Dear God: Thank you for showing me the way out of temptation and into the blessing and discipline of singleness.

Abstinence. Celibacy. Single. Married. Divorced. They are all words.

More importantly, they are all choices.

And more often than not, they are related to that three letter word that so many people have trouble discussing.


I did not wake up one morning and decide ?I?m not going to have sex for seven years?.

I did not suddenly decide, ?I think I am going to stop dating for a while.?

I DID wake up one morning after having sex with someone I wasn?t married to yet madly in love with and cry my eyes out.

It wasn?t the first time. He never noticed my silent tears.

The agony of immeasurable pleasure combined with unbearable guilt.

But my soul was tired.

I wasn?t mad at men.

I was tired of enjoying…

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